How To Build Your Twitter Following

216806169530873979_JB8pqPlt_fOver the last two weeks I’ve talked about why you should use Twitter and how to jump in and get started. If you’ve followed my advice you’ve been playing around a little bit, but you’re probably starting to think about numbers. How many people respond or retweet your tweets and how many followers you have.

Like all worthwhile things it takes time, patience, and a bit of dedication. The @lightboxsf account only just broke 500 followers this last month and we’ve been using it for about a year and a half.

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of how it all works, it’s time to get focused and make Twitter work for you. The key to gaining followers and influence is to contribute and connect.


The concept of lists was my first pivotal discovery. When you view a list you see only the tweets of the people that have been added to it. It allowed to me to focus, get rid of the general noise of Twitter, and participate in a more meaningful way. You can create your own lists or follow those of others. You also don’t need to be following the user to add them to a list nor are you suddenly following everyone on a list you choose to follow.

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