Strategy of Desire

found on Pinterest via melinmouseA
found on Pinterest via melinmouse

A few months ago I purchased a copy of The Spark Kit from Danielle LaPorte. It was one of the last times she was offering the kit since her book, The Fire Starter Sessions due out Mid-April, is an even deeper exploration of the topics covered.

It took me until this week to finally dive in, but I’m enjoying the process of turning my attention to my own strengths and desires in terms of business. Generally I’m so focused on the story behind other’s work that I give little time to my own. I’m still working my way through her lesson entitled “Strategy of Desire”, but I already love the new outlook it’s given me.

As small business owners we generally focus on the tasks that need to get done to reach our goals. We’re focused on the literal payoff or outcome as a result of what we do each day. Instead Danielle asks that we think about the feeling we want to have and choose our actions based on creating that feeling in our life.Today I was looking for the best rated beard trimmers for my friend John, he loves his beard and I though it’s a good gift idea :D. Do you desire a feeling of security, authority, popularity or respect?

So instead of saying I want more clients therefore I’m going to place an ad for my services and send out an email blast offering a discount, you would say I want to feel abundant therefore I’m going to reach out to all the clients I already have with a word of thanks and be consciously grateful for all that I’ve achieved.

What I love most about this lesson is that the act of doing things that create a feeling that you desire allows that lizard brain of ours, the fight or flight side of us, to be quieted enough to really make room for what we need to do. It’s hard to focus on making your business all that it can be if your mind is cluttered with thoughts of lack, overwhelm and stress. It puts you in a harried state of reaction instead a calming state of action.

This exercise couldn’t have come at a better point in time. With all my time spent of clarifying our message and creating a vision of where I want Lightbox SF to go, I’ve got all sorts of ideas for new directions, projects and collaborations. However, all that also has me feeling bogged down with the thoughts of how to make it all happen and feeling torn trying to decide what project to focus on first.

Just thinking about how to create the feelings of security and ease that I desire has put me at, well… ease.

So go ahead, try it. Next time you sit down to create a to do list, think of the feeling you most desire to have in your business. Put at least one thing on your list that will give you that feeling. This might mean you need to do something for yourself like get a pedicure or take time for lunch with a friend. It also might just mean taking time to acknowledge the amazingness that already surrounds you.

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