When Is It Time To Ask For Marketing Help?

9640586671830566_9KLkHvmW_fAt what point do you decide you need to hire someone to help you with your marketing either as a coach, consultant, or to simply take over?

This isn’t an easy question to answer because honestly for everyone it’s different. But a prospective client asked it of me recently and it got me thinking how do you decide to ask for help? At what point do you turn to someone outside your business for support and advice?

This prospective client isn’t in business yet, but has done a fair amount of the research to write her business plan and had a strong notion of where she is going. She is at a great point to hire a marketing coach. Since she hasn’t actually launched her brand she’ll be able to put everything in place to hit the ground running with a clear vision and identity.

However, there are many of us that don’t have the funds to hire help until we’re actually bringing in revenue. In that case we do what we can and gather free information wherever we can until it’s either not working or we feel we have the resources to really kick it into over drive. If things aren’t working anymore it could be that you’ve exhausted the free resources at your disposal and now need to invest in the business. It could also be that you’re just too busy to put in the marketing efforts you really need to. This is the point where you bring in a coach or consultant to refresh brand and really take it to the next level or you hire someone to take the weight off your shoulders and run your marketing efforts for you.

But what if you’ve been in business for a little while and things are just going? Not good or not bad, just moving forward. You’re in that kind of in between place feeling like you’ve accomplished some amazing things, but still feeling like you could a little more. I have to say this is my favorite point to begin working with a client. I’m able to see what they’ve done so far that’s worked and really help them capitalize on it.

See what I mean, I really didn’t answer the question and you can probably see yourself at any of these points deciding yes or no that you wanted and needed to ask for help.

So what does it really come down to? When you get to a point in your business where you feel that you need to break through a wall, that you don’t know what your next step should be, or that the business is running you it’s time to ask for help. This could be in the first 6 months of planning, 6 months after launching, or 6 years into running your business. This is where I tell you to trust your gut. If you’re thinking that you might need help you most likely do.

Hiring a coach or consultant gives you an outside perspective that allows you to prioritize your projects, refocus your energy, and see a clear path to what needs to get done and when. It infuses you with a new dose of information that you can put to use right away. And most importantly it gives you the reassurance that your on the right path and empowers you with the knowledge that you can succeed.


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