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October 6 


"My meetings revolutionized my business because I allowed myself the time, under the guidance of Lightbox SF, to ask myself some really hard questions."

“They helped me so much when it came to pushing my ideas to a new level. They always came with examples to look at and people to talk to and really pushed me out of my comfort zone so I could do more and more. I highly recommend them!!!”

"I would recommend Genevieve for overall plan development and artist marketing to anyone that has a creative idea, the mind of an artist and loves the web.”

"They are always there for me with words of wisdom when I'm feeling a little lost or need help with the next step in my jewelry making company. They have been a huge help in my business!!"

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Thursday Link Roundup

Tools of the Trade - Some great resources not matter what stage or type of creative business you have. Of course also appropriate given that we’re focusing on tools and resources this month.

Pop Your Cork: Get Enthusiastic with 5 Heroes of Creative Living - What makes you unique can make your business unique.

Is Your Online Shop Actually Ready For Marketing? - First impressions last, get your website as ready as you can before you begin the effort to drive more traffic there.

The Cowardly Lion’s Guide to Conquering Your Entrepreneurial Fears - Some great advice for us all, not matter what our ideas are.

8 Keys To Blogging Success - Key questions to ask yourself before you jump into blogging or to help you refocus a confused blog.

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