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It's all right to brag

Something I am terribly bad at - bragging about my work! Actually, to my friends and family's dismay, I become incredibly shy when speaking about my art but love talking about other's creations. Fortunately, I have come to understand the simple relation between talking and selling and have decided that the next few months will be spent practicing. A couple great posts from blogger friends popped up the other day and inspired me to answer a few questions. Do you suffer from this shyness too? Do you find the below questions reflective and helpful?

  • What do you love about being an artist?
  • What projects are you working on right now? Why are you excited about them?
  • What obstacles have you conquered to get where you are today?

These don't seem so bad, do they? Also, they are incredibly good tools to help start an enticing artist statement! I am going to order this book by Peggy Klaus.

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It's ok to take a break..

"sink into the couch (go ahead take a nap if you want to)"

This post by Kelly Rae Roberts really hit home today. Sometimes you just need to allow yourself a little rest, a short escape, to regroup and clear your mind. Although she doesn't know, Kelly has become my new mentor. Lately, her posts have been oddly in sync with just how I am feeling and have left me feeling reassured with a brighter light of confidence.


A bit of inspiration

I cannot wait to see this documentary. The trailer alone says so much and i finished watching it being inspired, understood and renewed.