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Photo Mondays

arch globe panoramaAdrian Hanft of Found Photography is pretty close to genius in my book. Using pinhole cameras made from Legos, shooting camera toss photos and creating panoramas made from stereographic projections, he pushes some boundaries. And I like that. As well, his blog is really informative, full of tips and tricks from "Tips for Buying a Camera on Ebay" to "Recipe for Processing Film with Coffee, aka Caffenol."

Check out his lego pinhole pics and my personal favorite collection, the panorama globes, They are typically created by stitching together 38 photos, resulting in a photo that represents a full 360 x 180 degrees from the spot where his camera was placed.



Creativity in the dark

by alyssa wesneAlright, I know us San Franciscans have a bad reputation for being a little melodramatic when it comes to the weather but I am ready for summer already. All our Midwestern and East Coast friends are surely rolling their eyes and I feel for you. I do. But this past week San Francisco got a taste of warmer weather and I felt full of artistic energy. Since we have another month or two of possible rain, darker days and chilly temps, I am offering a few exercises we can use to create our own warmth and light.


  • Spend the first half an hour of your day creating. Emails and phone calls can wait 30 minutes and you will feel more awake by tapping into your creative self first.
  • Commit to one date a week with your artistic self. Visit a museum, the art section of your favorite book store or a quick visit to a great new local boutique. Schedule it early on in the week and give it a priority.
  • Exercise. If you are feeling stuck, get outside a take a brisk walk, do 30 minutes of yoga or hit the gym. "Every dimension of cognition improves from 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, and creativity is no exception" ( Forget Brainstorming, Newsweek)
  • Eat well and sleep more. We all take this for granted but it is the easiest way for us to be the most productive during these colder months. We need a little extra fuel this time of year. Worry about the bikini months later. Nurture your creative mind now.

Sketchbook Project

I am so excited for the Art House Co-op's latest creative endeavor The Sketchbook Project: 2011 Tour. Bringing together artists from around the world, the project involves theme sketchbooks touring the country at various galleries and finding home in the permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library (which in my mind would be a fabulous place to live). Anyone can sign up for this tour - just select a theme from their great list (ex. A record year for rainfall, Jackets, blankets, and sheets, I'm sorry I forgot you, Things found on restaurant napkins, or It must be), register by 10/31 and send in your completed book by 1/15/2011. I am seriously considering registering. Anyone else?