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Special moment


 Coming from the Midwest and a six year stint on the East Coast, I used to appreciate autumn but I approached its arrival with caution. I always held on to to the remnants of summer for as long as I could. Flip flops in October anyone? My favorite sundress layered with big chunky sweaters worn well into November. The fall months reminded me of the impending winter days, a season when my heart and soul did not flourish. Life in San Francisco is different.  Being that they no longer foreshadow trekking through the snow to get to work or hours of scraping ice off windshields, these months have become my favorites. The short days still remind me of a time when we are meant to slow down,  nourish ourselves and prepare for spring rebirth. Now without the anxiety of freezing, dark days, I approach autumn differently. I long for the beautiful, early day sunsets. A perfect time of day to quiet the head, go for a long walk, soak up the sun and breathe in all of its glory.

image by Irene Suchocki


Monday afternoon, late summer

Friends and I spent a beautiful Saturday at the Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol, CA - quite possibly one of the most adorable towns in this area and full of the sweetest people. Being from the Midwest all the apple cider, crisps and pie eating contests reminded me of my fondness for the fall months. I have spent the morning reflecting on the bittersweet end of summer days, golden sunsets and the smell of autumn harvest.

photos - Pariah ProjectMKendall, Mailelani and Barbara Carter