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Photo Mondays

Meet Leigh Beisch. She swept me away with her beautiful painterly photography and then I checked out her food photos... wow, equally stunning. Beisch is a San Francisco resident who studied painting and photography at The Art School of Chicago and The Rhode Island School of Design. Her painting background really shines through in these abstract photos as she plays with light, color and soft textures. These pieces allow my gaze to soften as my mind becomes more active trying to identify hidden pieces in Beisch's photographic puzzles.


Putting the creativity back into Valentine's Day

February 14th doesn't have to be that day everyone shuns because of its tacky commercialism. Who doesn't want a special day to remind them of their loved one, an excuse to make cupcakes, buy cute cards and spread extra kisses? Instead of giving Feb 14th the cold shoulder, why don't you purchase something cute and handmade or by all means do something creative or silly. For some reason I just love Valentine's Day decor and even if its a year that it is just my cat and I, I still decorate and stuff copious amounts of homemade mini cupcakes in my mouth. No cupcakes for Sailor cat but he does get buckets of kisses!

heart garland by paper polaroid, V day party printables by love the day, love journal by inkello


Friday Favs

One of my new favorite illustrators is Swan Bones Theater from Kansas City. Her prints remind me of some of my favorite childhood fairy tales. A little mysterious, possibly a bit creepy but beautiful and unique. I'm a fan!

If you like her work check out these two Etsy teams Folk Reveries and Cabinet of Curiosities for other like artists.


Photo Mondays

image by a constant favorite hula seventy


Another weekly addition to our blog is photo Mondays. We will be posting our favorites from the photo world here for your simple enjoyment.