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A much appreciated gift

print by crump artThe prompt for my last Reverb 10 post for the year is gift. So today on a walk through the finally sunny streets of San Francisco, I reflected on all that this year offered me and all that I graciously accepted. It was a year of ups and downs for sure but I believe the best thing that was given to me was a gift from a new friend. During a year when my natural instinct would be to aggressivey try and fix everything as quickly as possible, voraciously fight against any obstacles and give a big middle finger to people who definitely probably deserved one, this person fought to teach me the beautiful art of stillness and patience. I cannot say how much sitting back and accepting things for what they are and adding a little more compassion for myself and others has added to my life. I am still a fighter and still one that will always actively push on but I do so with a little more grace. With this I believe I have a lot more space for healing and the universe's secret little gifts. Thank you so much new friend!!!


Five minutes

image by Teresa QI am so excited about the Reverb10 project and will be dedicating my weekly post to it as well. Equally excited about if not more, I loved yesterday's theme, five minutes. I already often set my IPhone timer for five minutes - five minutes to finish a task, five minutes of meditation and deep breathing when I feel very stressed and the always fruitful, how much can I actually get done in five minutes.

This theme,however, was to inspire reflection. For five minutes, you are to write about all the you wish to remember about 2010. As I began to write, I quickly discovered that I was also developing my own theme, discovery and exploration.

2010 was a big journey. There was a discovery of love and that I am capable of filling up with so much love it feels like my heart could explode. There was loss, as well, and the exploration of myself through solitude, trusting that quiet time and reflection could help the healing process and result in a deeper more meaningful relation with myself. 2010 was a year of self-reflection and the discovery of how I truly want to live and how I envision my future. I found a new confidence in myself as a small business owner and a designer through branding and a lot of discussions with other like minded people. I discovered new places through travel. I fell in love with a small fishing town in Mexico, in love with a small bakery in a northern California coastal town and found comfort in the smell of the Redwoods covered with dew.  I was humbled and let go of the part of me that thought she was bad ass and no longer walk alone through the city at night.

I learned so much this year through loss and love and feel like an even stronger person. Life's own little lessons and my own self reflective discovery are preparing me for a new and exciting year. I am so looking forward to it!!


When life throws you lemons

krista glavichLife can find the most inappropriate time to be really difficult - a computer meltdown right before a deadline, a relationship break-up before an important wedding, a complete lack of motivation right before a big show, etc. We all have our own stories but we can learn a lot from others and their personal ways of coping. Do you give yourself a break and a little r and r or do you push through, working like crazy to help focus the mind? In a serious bout of turmoil, I like to suggest to friends to just do whatever healthy thing that gets them through but to take time to reflect and learn from the experience. One of the best outcomes of reflection is learning what makes you feel better, what helps you regain motivation and what friends you can actually count on to help you pull through. Take a mental note or actually write it down in your journal. Whatever you do, remember and when life throws you the next batch of lemons, you are armed and ready to fight back by knowing what makes you smile.

I spent yesterday scouring through salvage lots looking for old rustic ladders and drawers to use for my next craft show. I know that something about antique stores, flea markets and salvage lots give me overwhelming sense of hope and always help stir up creative thoughts. Something about an old object that someone couldn't bear to throw in the dump housed by people that understand and want to share its rustic beauty and the ideas of reincarnation and giving something a second chance - all this is my way of healing. Remembering this and that I have a few of those friends and family members that check in weekly or even daily is so much. Next time something really makes you smile jot it down or make a mental note but keep it in your heart's holster so you are ready to go.