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Beautiful branding!

I fell in love today with a beautiful necklace, an incredible artist and effective branding. Check out The Vamoose website, blog and portfolio. As well, she is active with all the current social media sites. If you are currently looking for an artistic mentor may I suggest The "great" Vamoose!



Lately, I have been thinking a lot about branding and identity and have been working on putting together a reflective and informative workbook to help myself and other like artists.  The journey is so fascinating and you can learn so much from taking a few moments daily to really think about your work and how it could affect others. Above are a few questions that I have put together. What do you think?

A few other things to think about:

"The act of creating something everyday will force you to develop a voice and style that is uniquely your own" - Tara Gentile and Meg Aumen

“A brand has to make people buy into the idea”  - Amber Karnes, Handmade Marketplace

Really it comes down to that fact that customers are buying more than just a painting or a pair of earrings, they are buying into a unique lifestyle. A certain energy and certains emotions are conveyed through the creation of art and that is what people are seeking.

Workbook will be available within the next month. Sign up for our mailing list for updates.