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A place to showcase your work

I just discovered the on-line photography and illustration website 20x200 and I am pretty smitten. Can't believe it took so long for me to find it! Looks like a great place to show off your talent, mingle with other artists and provide affordable art to the public. Owner Jen Bekman made a name for herself through her small NYC gallery but wanted another way to make great limited editions accessible to everyone. Thank you Jen, I already have a list of about twelve must have prints.


Great website, great branding

I have spent the better part of today getting myself back into work mode by doing one of my favorite things - searching the web for great designs. Today I focused on looking for examples of effective product photography, website design and thoughtful branding. I just developed an art crush on Alli Coate from Providence, Rhode Island. Her site adorably and simply reflects her well defined style; her illustrations are incredible. So happy to find another brillant artist to introduce to our clients