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Friday Favs

dress by Minx Shop, ring by Bario-Neal

Lately I have been missing all the writing about my favorite designers and artists that I used to do on my personal blog, Pretty Crafty Thing. So I am bring it back here on Lightbox SF. Every Friday I will post about one or two of my personal favs. Think deliberately over exposed photos, intricate illustrations, earthy fabrics and organic styles. Do beware I promise that it will induce a overwhelming desire to pull out the old credit card in a shopping frenzy.

I discovered this simple yet beautiful dress by Minx Shop today on Etsy. Its simple flowing lines, Seventies influenced style and pale grey color are right up my alley. The Cloud nine dress made it on my wish list today for sure. One of my favorite jewelry designers is Philly's Bario-Neal. They make all their jewelry with environmentally conscious methods - reclaimed metals, ethically-sourced stones and low impact practices. I've been a fan of their raw, organic rings forever and feel like this ring and that dress might just be a match made in heaven. Oh la la!


A much appreciated gift

print by crump artThe prompt for my last Reverb 10 post for the year is gift. So today on a walk through the finally sunny streets of San Francisco, I reflected on all that this year offered me and all that I graciously accepted. It was a year of ups and downs for sure but I believe the best thing that was given to me was a gift from a new friend. During a year when my natural instinct would be to aggressivey try and fix everything as quickly as possible, voraciously fight against any obstacles and give a big middle finger to people who definitely probably deserved one, this person fought to teach me the beautiful art of stillness and patience. I cannot say how much sitting back and accepting things for what they are and adding a little more compassion for myself and others has added to my life. I am still a fighter and still one that will always actively push on but I do so with a little more grace. With this I believe I have a lot more space for healing and the universe's secret little gifts. Thank you so much new friend!!!


Beautiful branding!

I fell in love today with a beautiful necklace, an incredible artist and effective branding. Check out The Vamoose website, blog and portfolio. As well, she is active with all the current social media sites. If you are currently looking for an artistic mentor may I suggest The "great" Vamoose!