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Friday Favs

Don't think I need to say too much about this artist. I love, love, love these! Dalton Ghetti's pencil art makes my heart go pitter patter with happiness. These mini masterpieces are made with a sewing needle, razor blade and a sculpting knife. Oh and don't forget a great imagination and tons of patience. He doesn't sell them though. They go to friends as gifts. Lucky lucky friends!images from kid robot


Show Up. Trust.

A while back Shelly shared a great piece from Tara Sophia Mohr that reflected on trusting that the slow times were just a prelude to the busy times, trusting that you had done the work, sowed the seeds and the harvest was coming. Then just a few days ago I found this article on that extolled the virtues of just showing up and expanded on that by proclaiming that just because the task was simple did not make it easy.

I needed both of these lessons right now, as both a reminder and reassurance. As many of you are gearing up for the busy holiday season, our workload has slowed. Our artists are focused on holiday shows and sales and don’t have time for consultations and seminars. It’s a direct relationship and I understand it, but I still get nervous when things slow down. It’s hard for me to trust that I have done the work. Instead I wonder if I’ve done enough or should be trying harder.

I’m making myself sit with these lessons, believing and trusting, that I have indeed done the work and am doing the work to reap a great harvest when the seasons change.

I want to share this lesson with you for two reasons: we will all have these slow times, but I also think many of us forget to appreciate the abundance when it comes our way.

There will always be cycles in any business. You must build the product or define the service before you can share the news. And when you begin sharing this wonderful thing you’ve made it takes time for you to reach everyone and they don’t all understand how great it is. Eventually you reach the right people and they start coming to you, in masses. You just have to believe. You must keep doing the work.

So as a part of my workload lightens I’ve realized that I can focus more now on the building of those relationships, creating new products, and beginning to spread the word. Again. The cycle continues. I am scattering the seeds, watering graciously, and plucking the weeds. I show up everyday and remind myself that the simple tasks are not always the easy ones.

Photo by g(ART)en