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Photo Mondays

image by a constant favorite hula seventy


Another weekly addition to our blog is photo Mondays. We will be posting our favorites from the photo world here for your simple enjoyment.



Creative Exposure - Word for Monday

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Need a little creative boost?  Here is the random word for today,. Feel free to let it inspire a writing project, a collage or a few shots for our Creative Exposure project.

Confront - "to stand facing or in front of; to face; to oppose with firmness"


A new project

 We are starting off the new year with an interesting online photo project, Creative Exposures. It's an accessible daily photo challenge that I hope is also thought provoking and creatively stimulating. I hope you all join, professional photographers and people with no photo experience are welcome. The end goal is to help jump start your personal creative process and help you look at your days a little differently.

Creative Exposures is a photographic community brought together with the purpose of providing a creative kick in the pants. We ask you to carry your camera with you at some point everyday (phone cameras are encouraged due to their readiness), stop for a moment and take pictures of the things you notice everyday or the things you've never noticed before. Take the time to look at the surroundings you often find yourself in, what do you notice, what sparks your interest? Next you upload your photo to the Lightbox SF Flickr webpage to share with the community. But there's a catch, we want you to upload the unedited images. Yep, that's right no color correction, no cropping, no touch ups. Just your unedited photos with a description in a sentence or less. Why unedited? We want this project to remain as raw and easy as possible, ignoring needs for perfection. Just let go. Creativity flows more freely with spontaneity, without perfection, and when we appreciate the ideas in their simplest form.

For those who want and appreciate a little guidance, we will provide a randomly generated word every Monday here on our blog and on our project Facebook page to help inspire a possible theme or to provoke a new way of seeing. Twice a week, Lightbox SF will post their favorite photos on our blog. This is not only a great way to awaken your creative being but also a great platform for you to get your work noticed.

This project is a small step toward living a conscious life and will help you tap into your creative energy with only a little effort. Sometimes we forget what makes us feel good and how easy it is to make that happen. This simple and approachable photo project will allow you to bring that spark into your daily life. Whether you are a full-time artist or a weekend hobbyist this project will help you to become more awake to your surroundings, more appreciative of the beauty and interesting things in your day and will allow you to delve into a more exciting energy inside of you.


200 Yards @ Dirty Thieves

We're at it again. Another 200 Yards show has been selected. The photographers have been notified and are working on framing their selected pieces. This time around the venue is a little more gritty, but not only offers a livelier atmosphere, the surrounding neighborhood is much more vibrant. I'm really excited to see everything hanging together.

In the coming weeks I'll be posting a few sneak peek images on the 200 Yards Blog, so be sure come visit. In the meantime here's all the details:

Show Two: 200 Yards @ Dirty Thieves

Opening Reception November 13, 2010 from 6 - 10pm

Showing through December 10, 2010
3050 24th Street @ Treat

Dan Brazelton
Carrie Breinholt
Dayman Cash
Diana Chow
Jessica Fairbanks
Kerri Anne Janelle
Alyssa Jones
Mike Missiaen
Eileen Roche
Damian Spain
Sarah K Stevens
Rooz Tahamtanzadeh


Monday afternoon, late summer

Friends and I spent a beautiful Saturday at the Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol, CA - quite possibly one of the most adorable towns in this area and full of the sweetest people. Being from the Midwest all the apple cider, crisps and pie eating contests reminded me of my fondness for the fall months. I have spent the morning reflecting on the bittersweet end of summer days, golden sunsets and the smell of autumn harvest.

photos - Pariah ProjectMKendall, Mailelani and Barbara Carter