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Thankful reflections

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I am just finishing packing my suitcase for a holiday trip to see my family in the Midwest and received today's Reverb 10 prompt, travel.  A bridal shower and Mom's birthday in July, my youngest sister's wedding in September and my middle sister's Christmas wedding tomorrow, I have been lucky enough to be able to go home three times this year. Each visit has been packed full of festive activities, really good food and lots of love. Although my family is half way across the country, we are emotionally close and I feel so lucky that my flexible schedule allows for me to travel whenever I wish ( I wish my finances did too!). I know not everyone has a job that allows this and today I find myself full of thanks.

There were a lot of small, overnight trips this past year as well. I really enjoyed visiting these Pacific coastal towns, shopping their one street downtowns and going to bed early as the restaurant and bars shut down by ten . These short trips with a friend allowed for lots of good reading, welcomed bad phone reception, good conversations and new explorations. After years finding myself a "big city girl," I realized the quaintness of these small towns had a place in my life too. I hope for more of these Pacific coast trips in 2011.

My most recent trip was a trip of solitude and rest in Sayulita, Mexico. I couldn't have picked a better place and was reacquainted with the idea of a "real vacation." Wow, how sweet it is! The trip was transformative. I know you can never recreate the same thing twice. However, now knowing that I can appreciate endless days in the sun, hours of reading with a margarita in hand and not freaking out about how much work will meet me as I return home, there will be another beachy vacation soon. Maybe with a friend or two as long as they keep their hands off my umbrella cocktail!

As I reflect back on this year of travel, I am glowing with thanks. Thanks that I have the time, a supportive family and an insatiable yearning for discovery. I think I'll find some time on my flight tonight to begin my list of great places to go in 2011.

Happy holidays and safe travels!


summer time loves


Right now I am sporting a pretty ridiculous love for all things strawberry. Eating them with cream, eating them with balsamic, looking for a new cute strawberry inspired print and don't think I won't be purchasing a sweet little white dress with covered in the little red beauties. Sometimes you never know what will put a little pep in your step but I love when it is something as simple as this. What is your simple pleasure?

Love Thy Vintage strawberry and daisy skirt, McKendall print , strawberries in vanilla simple syrup Babble food via Tastespotting