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Photo Mondays

photography by catherine nunnally

Dreamy, sleepy, gorgeous photography from Catherine Nunnally. I would be happy with at least a dozen of her prints and lucky me and you, she is having a buy one get one sale on Etsy! Thank you Going Home to Roost for first introducing her work to me.


Friday Favs

One of my new favorite illustrators is Swan Bones Theater from Kansas City. Her prints remind me of some of my favorite childhood fairy tales. A little mysterious, possibly a bit creepy but beautiful and unique. I'm a fan!

If you like her work check out these two Etsy teams Folk Reveries and Cabinet of Curiosities for other like artists.


Great website, great branding

I have spent the better part of today getting myself back into work mode by doing one of my favorite things - searching the web for great designs. Today I focused on looking for examples of effective product photography, website design and thoughtful branding. I just developed an art crush on Alli Coate from Providence, Rhode Island. Her site adorably and simply reflects her well defined style; her illustrations are incredible. So happy to find another brillant artist to introduce to our clients