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Thursday Link Roundup

Your Win Book - Keep  the positive handy, we all need it from time to time.

7 Annoying Social Media Personality Disorders - Don’t try to hard, be yourself, and you will get followers.

LinkedIn for Bloggers – Branding, Authority and Traffic - While focused on bloggers it translates to artists and crafters and is a great overview of how to set up a standout profile on LinkedIn and how to use it to network.

9 Smart Ideas For Getting a Business Mentor - We could all use a mentor, here’s some tips to finding that person and making the relationship work.

Perfection, Execution, and the Biggest Mountain on the Landscape of Creativity - Don’t let your perfectionism get in the way of getting a product on the market.


Thursday Link Roundup

Work your Strengths (or why I will never be as cool as Danielle LaPorte) - While this is about personal strengths it easily translates into artists strengths, plus it’s just a good reminder to embrace who you are.

Just in Case You’ve (Already) Broken Your Blogging Resolution - Keep your content fresh and engaging with these suggestions.

How Flirting Can Improve Your Work - Need help getting started on that next big project? Flirt, it will break the ice.

How to Get More Email Newsletter Subscribers - I’m not sold on needing to send every week, but the rest of the tips for building your subscriber list are worth putting to use.

Perception is Reality - How professional do you look from the outside?


Thursday Link Roundup

The Final Frontier: How To Craft Spacious Goals - Another inspiring piece by Tara Gentile. Dare to dream big!

The Marketing Secret That’s Hiding in Plain Sight - A quick reminder about being consistent, both with design and voice.

The Space Matters - Just a little something to think about.

Is Your Low Social IQ Dooming Your Blog? - A new way to look at why you might not be getting the traffic you want.

How to Do Less And Achieve More with Your Blog in 2011 - Take a break, you might actually be more productive.

10 Free Tools that Can Help Your Site Rank Above the Rest - This article goes very well with next week’s post on keyword search tools, plus it has some new tools I never heard of.


Thursday Link Roundup

Crafting Your Online Presence - Organizing your content so readers can find what they’re looking for.

A Creative Approach to Promoting Your Shop - Great tips to get a little buzz with no money.

Hobbyist, Amateur or Professional Artist – Which Are You? - The title says it all! An interesting article to give you some perspective.

What Is DIY Culture? - This is an interesting meditation on the DIY culture. Take it a step further and relate it to being an entrepreneur.

Turning Your Passion Into Your Full-Time Job - Some very sound advice on making this very scary leap. You can do it!


Dare to live an uncoventional life!

image from stair pornMy new online guru is Chris Guillebeau author of the manifesto " A Brief Guide to World Domination." Sound a bit scary to you? Fear not. Basically his message is similar to what we offer here at Lightbox, create a life worth living that is true to you and "live the life you want." I first learned of Chris through another online hero, Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth. They both kick ass, both are part of the small army of amazing people that will be at The World Domination Summit in Portland this summer (I'll be headed there too!!) and both are spending their life teaching people how to unconventionally succeed in a conventional world.

I have been reading Guillebeau's book, The Art of Non-Conformity and having trouble putting it down. I loved chapter 2, "Setting the Terms of Your Unconventional Life" and I would like to share with you three approaches designed to help you figure out what you want out of your life.

 "Creating Your Ideal World" 

This is an exercise where you write out your perfect, ideal day beginning to end and then you begin by making small plans that will help you get closer to your goal.  Envision your future spending days at home making money from your blogging, crafting, etc.? Start a blog and write just a few times a week, take a craft class and start saving money. Chris also discusses some flaws in this exercise but the main one is that you do have to really lay out some in depth goal setting. This exercise does help someone really think about what they want to do, especially good for people who have no idea.

"Radical Goal Setting"

An extension of the designing your ideal life exercise is goal setting. This is something I am proud to say I do every new year day. I make a list of 50 things I want to do in the new year, everything from say go to the World Domination Summit, to grow a strawberry plant, to quit my night job. The list is all directing me to be the person I ultimately want to be - a self-employed, well traveled, self sufficient person with cool, unconventional and inspiring people in my life. Chris goes on to suggest making lists with 5 year and lifetime goals.

"Planning for Serendipity"

With all this planning we also want to make room for spontaneity and flexibility. We all know some of the most amazing things in life come when we let go and open up a little space. Something to think about; when you are organized and making lists you might actually find that you have a little more downtime than you would if you were spending all that time thinking about what you should be doing. Hmmmm... funny how that works.

I highly recommend checking out Chris Guillebeau's book and by all means please join me and everyone else at the Summit in Portland in June. Drop me a line and let me know if you are going. Would love to meet you!


Thursday Link Roundup

Tools of the Trade - Some great resources not matter what stage or type of creative business you have. Of course also appropriate given that we’re focusing on tools and resources this month.

Pop Your Cork: Get Enthusiastic with 5 Heroes of Creative Living - What makes you unique can make your business unique.

Is Your Online Shop Actually Ready For Marketing? - First impressions last, get your website as ready as you can before you begin the effort to drive more traffic there.

The Cowardly Lion’s Guide to Conquering Your Entrepreneurial Fears - Some great advice for us all, not matter what our ideas are.

8 Keys To Blogging Success - Key questions to ask yourself before you jump into blogging or to help you refocus a confused blog.


It's all right to brag

Something I am terribly bad at - bragging about my work! Actually, to my friends and family's dismay, I become incredibly shy when speaking about my art but love talking about other's creations. Fortunately, I have come to understand the simple relation between talking and selling and have decided that the next few months will be spent practicing. A couple great posts from blogger friends popped up the other day and inspired me to answer a few questions. Do you suffer from this shyness too? Do you find the below questions reflective and helpful?

  • What do you love about being an artist?
  • What projects are you working on right now? Why are you excited about them?
  • What obstacles have you conquered to get where you are today?

These don't seem so bad, do they? Also, they are incredibly good tools to help start an enticing artist statement! I am going to order this book by Peggy Klaus.

artwork by rosie music