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200 Yards @ Dirty Thieves

We're at it again. Another 200 Yards show has been selected. The photographers have been notified and are working on framing their selected pieces. This time around the venue is a little more gritty, but not only offers a livelier atmosphere, the surrounding neighborhood is much more vibrant. I'm really excited to see everything hanging together.

In the coming weeks I'll be posting a few sneak peek images on the 200 Yards Blog, so be sure come visit. In the meantime here's all the details:

Show Two: 200 Yards @ Dirty Thieves

Opening Reception November 13, 2010 from 6 - 10pm

Showing through December 10, 2010
3050 24th Street @ Treat

Dan Brazelton
Carrie Breinholt
Dayman Cash
Diana Chow
Jessica Fairbanks
Kerri Anne Janelle
Alyssa Jones
Mike Missiaen
Eileen Roche
Damian Spain
Sarah K Stevens
Rooz Tahamtanzadeh


More From 200 Yards

There's a new post over at 200 Yards with a few more photos. This time I went out armed only with my wide angle lens, a bit of an experiment for me. I tend to like to get up close and personal with my photography and basically always use my telephoto or macro lens. Head on over to see a few more.


Daily and Not So Daily Photos

I have two more photo blogs that I want to share with you from scouring of local sites. The first is Your Waitress by Valerie Cochran. She publishes her street shots almost everyday. While at first glance they often appear to be simple crowd shots, a longer look reveals details and emotion that tell a story. However this one photo of ironing boards leaned up against a wall really caught my attention.

Be sure to poke around the website and view some of her other projects, they reveal a wide range of style and insight.

San Francisco Daily Photo by Manuel Guerzoni also caught my attention. Even though it seems these days the title of the blog is a bit of misnomer Guerzoni's shots allow an extremely voyeristic view of San Francisco's street that keeps me coming back to see what he's captured next. This one in particular makes me smile.


200 Yards Motivation

I just posted some photos I took earlier this week on a photo safari for the first 200 Yards show. I love a motivating photo assignment so I just had to go out and shoot even if I won't be a part of the show. But it seems such a shame to keep those images to myself so I'll share in hopes that they motivate all of you to get out there shooting and send us your favorites.

Check out the first post here. And keep checking back as I had a hard time deciding which ones were my favorites and I plan another expedition this weekend.



City Pride

As promised I'll continue to share a few links of photography sites that really caught my attention recently. Today I'd like to share I Live Here by Julie Michelle. Julie is also a founding member of Caliber SF, which if you haven't checked out you really should. I Live Here is Julie's personal project and documents residents of San Francisco. Julie does a photoshoot with them in locations that they select and live near and the subjects write their own story. The most recent post was one of the more resonant that I've read and encourage you all to check it out.