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The Girl Effect

This weekend Shelly and I got a chance to meet Tara Sophia Mohr. It's always inspiring to be able to talk with other women who have built successful businesses and careers around something they love and this was no exception. We walked away with a few new ideas and new person to add to our support network.

Tara also told us about a project she was organizing that we quickly decided we wanted to be a part of. Tara has brought together a group of over 30 women bloggers to talk about an organization and movement called The Girl Effect. Today all of 30+ of us posted our reactions, responses, and thoughts on our blogs to spread the word. We're also asking our readers to spread the word in any way they can, Twitter, Facebook and their own blogs. The idea is create a chain reaction.

So what is the Girl Effect? Essentially it's a project focused on helping girls in poverty break the cycle. This video states it much better than I can.

I spent close to an hour on my first visit to the website reading the statistics and watching the videos. Some of the facts are astounding, they'll get you thinking and will motivate you to ask yourself what you can do. It all brought me back to a belief I developed a number of years ago, that giving a child an education is the best way to end many of the world's issues. With an education they have a better chance of supporting themselves, making good choices in their lives, giving back to their community and teaching love and respect to their own children, which keeps the cycle going.

I believe the world is a mess and I say we start right here in our own backyard. Find a young girl who needs your help and encourage her to stay in school, tell her how important she can be in the world, and don't ever let her forget it.



What do you do for support?

Not too long ago Gen and I spoke about how great it would be to create a women in small business support group and guess what, we made it happen. We selected about half dozen or so of the greatest, most creative women we know and set up an initial meeting. Now nearing almost a year strong, our monthly Sunday meetings have become something I always look forward to. We picked the third Sunday of the month with a different host each time. Not everyone can always make it, but the one cool thing is that this allows for every meeting to be different. Some meetings are more formatted, some more free form, but there is always really great food, wine and laughter and tears. I get so many good new ideas, help working through my struggles and pats on the back with words of encouragement. I love these Sundays and my new friends! We are not in this alone. That is something profound to remember.

There are many resources out there to help you get connected with other creative people in your area.

  • Start a Facebook fan page and search for other talented people in your city
  • Join an online forum. The Switchboards has always been great for me.
  • Sign up for The Creative Empire and get their weekly mailings and access to their forums

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