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"My meetings revolutionized my business because I allowed myself the time, under the guidance of Lightbox SF, to ask myself some really hard questions."

“They helped me so much when it came to pushing my ideas to a new level. They always came with examples to look at and people to talk to and really pushed me out of my comfort zone so I could do more and more. I highly recommend them!!!”

"I would recommend Genevieve for overall plan development and artist marketing to anyone that has a creative idea, the mind of an artist and loves the web.”

"They are always there for me with words of wisdom when I'm feeling a little lost or need help with the next step in my jewelry making company. They have been a huge help in my business!!"

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Creating Space - Winter Reflections

I am pretty sure it starts in autumn. It is amazing that I have been out of college for so long but naturally I am drawn to the academic calendar. After a few refreshing months of summer, I am full of excitement for what lies ahead and ready to try new things. New friends, new ideas - it is natural for me to go to a place of optimism come August. Maybe it is my own natural ebb and flow but as the days darken and we move into December, I become more reflective and internal. Although I am now in San Francisco and no longer have to deal with the nasty East Coast winter storms, I do still find myself nesting and maybe a little less motivated physically.

That being said and if you are feeling the same could there be a better opportunity to really ask yourself some big questions? I am super big into self-awareness. It's my thing. To me there is no better platform for jump starting a new project, starting a new line, changing careers or breaking a "bad" habit.

Let's just say there is something going on in your life or your career that is causing you distress. You really can't grasp it because it brings up so many emotions that fog your perception. You are overhwhelmed and if you are like me, you just want to fix it. Let's make a promise to each other and shut off that nautural desire to fix things quick. Let's sit with it and see what happens. You may think this sounds crazy but lock yourself in a room and talk yourself through it. What am I feeling right now? How does this emotion affect me physically? Is my neck tight? Are my fists clenched or pulse racing? I wish I knew why but reflecting on this seriously helps me feel a sense of connection again. Things begin to look clearer and I feel a bit less crazy. Continue to sit in the quiet. If you still feel crappy, that's ok. Giving yourself the time to accept that you feel stressed, hurt or whatever - this is you treating yourself with respect. This exercise has pushed me through so many mental and emotional blocks both in my artistic career and my personal life

Winters months might be lonely for even those surrounded by people. It might shake the baseboards of even the most confident people. I ask you to welcome the bleakness and sit with it. Sitting in the stillness of a chilly night with a nice hot toddy (I want to say hot tea but that's really not my style) can bring about some of your best ideas or help you fight some pretty difficult emotions.

Next Wednesday we will chat about habits and how self-awareness and reflection can help you create new good habits and break the bad ones for good.




Creativity in the dark

by alyssa wesneAlright, I know us San Franciscans have a bad reputation for being a little melodramatic when it comes to the weather but I am ready for summer already. All our Midwestern and East Coast friends are surely rolling their eyes and I feel for you. I do. But this past week San Francisco got a taste of warmer weather and I felt full of artistic energy. Since we have another month or two of possible rain, darker days and chilly temps, I am offering a few exercises we can use to create our own warmth and light.


  • Spend the first half an hour of your day creating. Emails and phone calls can wait 30 minutes and you will feel more awake by tapping into your creative self first.
  • Commit to one date a week with your artistic self. Visit a museum, the art section of your favorite book store or a quick visit to a great new local boutique. Schedule it early on in the week and give it a priority.
  • Exercise. If you are feeling stuck, get outside a take a brisk walk, do 30 minutes of yoga or hit the gym. "Every dimension of cognition improves from 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, and creativity is no exception" ( Forget Brainstorming, Newsweek)
  • Eat well and sleep more. We all take this for granted but it is the easiest way for us to be the most productive during these colder months. We need a little extra fuel this time of year. Worry about the bikini months later. Nurture your creative mind now.