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Word Inspiration

by lucky blue bird art

One thing that helps all creative people relate to one another is their experience with creative block. We all suffer from this time to time and if someone tells you they don't, they are lying. It is so easy to get lost in this uncomfortable feeling but one thing I can suggest to make this easier is to try to quiet that inner nagging voice. Try to silence the part of the brain that suggests quick fixes and instead pick up a project that can help stimulate new creative thoughts with ease.

A favorite that I learned both in creative writing classes and in art school is one word inspiration. I bring this up because I have recently introduced a new daily photography project to the Lightbox SF community called Creative Exposures. This project is to help inspire people to carry that camera on a daily basis and to help stimulate creativity. I start the week off with a randomly chosen word that can provoke a weekly theme. 

I personally have been struggling with one word inspiration with my photography. I have been finding it a little leading and my photography feels forced. However, it has worked for me for so many other projects so I wanted to suggest that people try it in different ways. Are you blogger and feel that your posts lack structure and format? Pick a monthly or weekly theme. Do you enjoy collage or painting and are full of empty thoughts? Pick up a book or dictionary and choose a random line on a page. Do any of these words speak to you? Do you have a new idea for your next project?

My main purpose in this post is not only to give a shout out to an old tried and true art school project but also to suggest when something isn't working for you try it in a new way. When you sit in front of a blank canvas and feel frustrated, channel that energy in a different way and open up space for something new and exciting.



Creative Exposure - Word for Monday

Pinned by Mallory Orfall

Need a little creative boost?  Here is the random word for today,. Feel free to let it inspire a writing project, a collage or a few shots for our Creative Exposure project.

Confront - "to stand facing or in front of; to face; to oppose with firmness"


Word for Monday, Jan 3

Pinned by Anne To

The random word generated for the week of Jan 3 for the Creative Exposure project is fervor, intensity of feeling or expression, warmth of feelings; earnestness.

The idea of randomly selecting a word for the week is inspired by random word writing techniques often used to break through writer's block or as an exercise to simply stimulate creative thoughts. The idea here is to not use the word as a literal influence but more as something to quietly contemplate over the week.

Visit our blog every Monday morning for a new random word.  Remember to post your project photos on our Flickr page.