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Endless opportunities to succeed

photography by oliver schwarzwald

In just one day, I found dozens of amazing and motivating workshops and services that can help us artists learn how to create an even more rewarding life. All the opportunities I found on-line can be a bit overwhelming, although of course exciting, so I had to set a timer on today's search. Below you can find a few of my favorites and I promise to keep you updated of anymore findings on my future Wednesday's posts. I think there is something out there for each of us and our own unique needs. 


Facing the scary stuff

via automatism

I spent an hour and a half tonight participating in the most amazing experience, a creative counseling call with a favorite life coach of mine, Tara Sophia Mohr. During this time of year, I often feel stuck creatively speaking. So when I read about the opportunity to listen to Tara and 20 other creative types speak about their struggles, I signed right up. I was so surprised to find myself nervous about the call all day. I had never participated in a conference call before and don't love communicating on the phone, so I was concerned I would freeze up and not be able to talk. But this being my year to conquer more fears and develop my motivational and inspirational side, I promised myself I would do everything I could do to get the most out of the call.

Tara was amazing. The call definitely started with many of us on the quiet side but after a few of her great exercises designed to help us find the space where we feel most inspired, a few people and I pushed the button to talk. It felt amazing to talk about my struggles as an artist and Tara of course was full of great exercises and practices that I could do to help me in my artistic journey. As well, it was such a beautiful experience to listen to the other artists and develop these new connections. I even ended the call with a new deadline for myself with a scheduled check in. If I had let the fear take over, I would have remained quiet or maybe not have made the call at all. I certainly would have still learned quite a few things by being a silent participant but for me half of the challenge was to conquer the fear of expressing my artistic fears to a bunch of strangers. Believe me, I feel really good right now.

Is there something in your life that you want to conquer? A scary next step to becoming the successful artist you want to be? Genevieve and I are full of great resources to help inspire creativity so just drop us a line and we'll help

I highly recommend checking out Tara's workshops. She has a couple of small group counseling circles starting in February - monthly, phone-based, 90-minute group sessions over a five month period.  This is a great opportunity!


New friends

In reference to Genevieve's post, I am happy to say that we have been meeting so many interesting and inspiring people. Something I shied away from as well, spending an hour or two with someone new and sharing my dreams and concerns is honestly becoming the favorite part of my job. Genevieve and I made a promise to do it and face our fears. We are doing it and the relationships we have developed with others have been transforming.


Yesterday, we had a great coffee date with an amazing woman, Anna Fiyzta. She is a transpersonal therapist and artist who focuses on helping others reconnect with oneself through creative exploration. She is also the lovely lady behind the original wishing tree that was in the mission (a baby wishing tree is now at 24th and Harrison) that supported 500 wishes in the three weeks it was up. What another great life for a tree! Please read more about this project here and help the wishing tree legacy live on.


I left with a great feeling that we connected with someone who will be a long time friend of ours here at Lightbox SF. I personally cannot wait to take one of her workshops. Anna currently hosts two, Awakening Your Creative Spirit,  A Workshop To Re-Connect With Your Innate Creative  Potential , a four-hour small group workshop that consists of group creative projects and guided meditations and a 6-person, 6-week Creative Vision and Manifestation Group through her psychotherapy practice. We met another inspiring person who is following her life's intention and helping others find their's. Thanks for contacting us Anna!

image by Christine Reilly