Do-It-Yourself Social Media Workbook

Social media, you know you should be using it, but you’re just not quite sure where to start or what you should be focusing on. This workbook will walk you through some of the why, but mostly the how of building a personal social media strategy.

If you don’t have a blog, Facebook or Twitter account, but keep getting told you should, this workbook is for you. If you use Facebook to connect with high school friends and logged into Twitter once, this workbook is for you. If you’ve been using all the above platforms for years, have friends and followers in the hundreds and call people “friends” that you’ve never met in person, this workbook isn’t for you, although you might pick up some tips on focusing your marketing message.

As we take you through the lessons there will be tasks that will get you using social media quickly and help you to build your confidence before you're even finished reading. By the end of the workbook you'll not only be comfortable with the basics of how the online communities work, but you'll have a month long schedule that you've created to help you achieve your goals.

Lessons include: What is Social Media? - Why would/should you use it? - Building you network - Crafting a message - Crafting a schedule - Measuring results - Analyze, adapt, and improve - Different platforms - What will work best for you?

Workbook (18 pages) - $15  Add to Cart

Workbook with email support - $60 Add to Cart

In addition to the workbook you’ll get detailed email support allowing you to ask questions along the way and send in your “homework” and responses to directed tasks to receive comments and more guidance.

Workbook with a brainstorming session - $100  Add to Cart

After you’ve finished the workbook you’ll have a questionnaire to fill out telling us where you’re still looking for specific help. We’ll then book an hour consultation either via phone or in-person*. You’ll walk away from the brainstorming session with more specific direction on how to build your strategy and tasks that will help you carry it out.

The whole hand-holding package (workbook + email support + brainstorming) - $125  Add to Cart

With the whole package you’ll get email support as you work through the workbook with feedback on your progress and answers to your questions. Then we’ll schedule a one-hour brainstorming session to build on your work and give you even more direction and clarity. 

*in-person meetings in San Francisco, CA only